Thursday, May 23, 2019

Counselor Essay Essay

Michael is a Case Manager within Spectrum Health hospitals and has been for four long time. Michael is twenty-eight years old and enjoys doing his job although he has stated that it can be difficult at times. Michael stated that sometimes there is over time when new(prenominal) employees chit-chat in and case load can be heavy at times. Michael stated that every so often he has to wear a pager so employees within the hospital can arouse ahold of them when emergent issues arise. On call is every third weekend and four days out of apiece month where Michael is on call 24/7. As Michael punches in for the day, he meets with patients that are either just admitted or ready for discharge. Michael will inspection and repair patients puddle what they expect within the hospital so they will be pleased with the kind of care they received turn in the hospital. Michael will excessively help patients that are ready to be discharged gain everything needed for their home after they are dis charged. Things such as canes, walkers, commodes, home care, Dr. Visits, etc. As I asked if Michael has every experience burnout he stated that he has felt burned out out front and even a little overwhelmed when he is laid on call for a a few(prenominal) days. Michael has never thought about quitting his job but he has felt the need to take a few days off before just to gain a clear mind and provoke back to hightail it. One stage of burn out Michael has go through would be stage three in which that is frustration. thwarting comes within Michael when he is unable to complete every task that is expected of him. Michael has felt frustrated before when he is given too much and non enough time to complete every task. Michael strives to do his best within his position and sometimes that is non enough because as he gains too much work, he can non spend the time needed with the patients to ensure propercare is being achieved while the patient is in the hospital. Michael often sets u p agendas for his work and how to get the work done in a timely manner so he does not get frustrated when things dont get done or issues arise. Michael relieves frustration this way because he is able to visualize what he needs to do and what things to do first. Michael often takes times off from work in order to not get frustrated within his position. Michael will spend time with his family and while at home he will not speak of work so that he can enjoy family time and not think of work while relaxing.Burnout is defined as an internal psychological experience that involves feelings, attitudes, motives and expectations. Burnout means the energy of an individual has been consumed by helping others. Energy crisis occurs when the psychic demand exceeds the supply. Burnout is often undergo with a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion caused by a long-term involvement within an emotionally demanding situation. Burnout is often accompanied by physical depletion, feelings o f helplessness, disillusionment, negative self-concept and negative attitudes toward employment, people and life in itself. Burnout represents a breaking point where its hard for an individual to cope with the environment surrounding them. leniency fatigue is often caused by a work related stress and it is also an increase of loss in compassion over a stoppage of time. Compassion fatigue can share similar symptoms of burnout but just not in an as severe way.There are many shipway burnout can occur Burnout often comes in blocks that include Role ambiguity or the lack of clarity concerning rights, responsibilities, methods, goals, status and accountability toward themselves. Role conflict is the entailment of ademand baffled on the individual that are incompatible, inappropriate and inconsistent within the values or ethics. Role overload is the quantity and type of demands placed on the individual that are too great. Inconsequentiality is the feeling of helplessness, the individ ual whitethorn feel that no matter what they do they are not trade good enough they gain littlerecognition, accomplishment, appreciation or success. Isolation means that individual may lacking in reinforcing stimulus or has minimal support and the last one is Autonomy, where the ability to make decision on what they will do and how they will deal with their patients may be affected by their place of employment. Signs of burnout may include tardiness, dreading work, turning to drugs or alcohol, withdrawing from friends or family, clockwatching, depression, sudden change in weight, suicide or homicide thoughts or attempts just to name a few.Burnout also comes in stages, there are four main stages of burnout that can occur as an employee tries there absolute best within the position they have original within any organization. Stage one is enthusiasm, where the employee enters the job with high hopes and unrealistic expectations. If the employee is not tempered by orientations, train ing and realistic expectations the Human Service work may lead to the second stage which is stagnation. Stage two is stagnation, where the employee starts to feel that personal, financial, and career needs are not met. This may happen as the employee visualizes other employees moving on faster than themselves, an increase in pressure at home, financial obligations increasing and lack of employee reinforcement from doing the job well. As these are not met or taken care of, burnout can lead to the next stage of frustration. Stage three is frustration, where the employee may doubt their Caretaker Interview 5effectiveness, values or impact of their efforts within the organization. One employees frustration may hold a domino effect toward others because the effect of burnout are contagious within an environment. Frustration can be dealt with by arranging workshops and support groups to increase awareness and generate problem solving as a group effort. If frustration is not taken care of within a positive manner, frustration can turn into Apathy. Stage four is Apathy, where the employee meets the feeling of actually being burned out. The employee may become immobile, in denial and may be in stage of crisis. As an employee meets this stage of burnout, psychotherapy may be needed to reverse the actions of burnout and to get the employee at a positive state of mind.

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