Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Abnormal Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Abnormal Psychology - Essay Example It is probably the best illustration ÃŽ ¿f a temperament potentially involved in the etiology ÃŽ ¿f these disorders. The behaviors associated with the behavioral inhibition construct have been demonstrated to be stable over time; these children have been observed to develop an increase in anxiety disorders, particularly social phobia, as they mature. In addition, their relatives have been demonstrated to exhibit more anxiety disorders. Finally, and most pertinent to the articles in this volume, this childhood history has been shown to be predictive ÃŽ ¿f a poorer response to treatment ÃŽ ¿f panic disorder in adulthood. All this evidence suggests that behavioral inhibition, and the highly related separation anxiety in children, can serve as excellent models ÃŽ ¿f temperamental predispositions to anxiety that can probably predict adult anxiety disorders, as well as certain characteristics (e.g., treatment refractoriness) ÃŽ ¿f these disorders. This work "connects" adult anxiety disorders longitudinally to childhood issues, at least at the level ÃŽ ¿f the models we utilize to understand these disorders. In DSM-IV, for the first time, adult anxiety disorders are recognized as beginning in childhood. However, the extent to which adult anxiety disorders begin in childhood is still not determined; research is urgently needed but is difficult because ÃŽ ¿f its longitudinal nature. On the other hand, the evidence suggests that anxiety difficulties can wax and wane through childhood and routate into other problems over time. Also, there is a clear impact ÃŽ ¿f parental behavior on anxiety. Both these issues lead us to broaden our model ÃŽ ¿f these difficulties beyond mere temperament. A model ÃŽ ¿f a genetic predisposition or temperament that invariably, and with little other influence, develops into adult anxiety disorders does not seem to fit the data. Instead, there is strong evidence that different parenting behaviors affect the

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