Friday, June 14, 2019

Black Film History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Black Film History - Essay ExampleThe two main directors of the film are Charles Stone and Chuck Wilson. The actors include several variant individuals, both which are divided into each segment. The idea of Afrocentricity is to depict the several ways of life that those in the African American community are associated with. The directors impress a step beyond this in showing how the ideas, imagination and the perspectives in this community fall back into problems with stereotypes however, when looking at the films, there is not a true representation of what this is inclusive of. The force of this overall film comes from the ideal presented about the assortment of the African American community. The presentation of seven short films, all which are not related to the other, provides a different level of insight about the African American community. This breaks down boundaries and stereotypes which are often in the media and gives a fresh look about the ideals of the African Am erican community. Each of the short films is depicted in an artistic and valuable way to ensure that this message is given. The emphasis is created in each film, specifically by defining the problems which are associated with society, as well as how individuals have to learn how to overcome this. The weakness of the film comes from the deceptive presentations which may distract an individual from buying the film. The title of Afrocentricity is one which isnt realistic and doesnt provide the correct depiction of what is presented through with(predicate)out the film. The concept of diversity is a hidden message that is displayed through each of the films. If one doesnt understand that this is several short films, one which only lasts for two minutes, then much problems may arise. However, this can work in favor of the film if one is able to understand and overcome stereotypes which may have been associated with the value of each story. general rating 4 Breakdown Breakdown is the first short film that is able to give insight into the African American community. The director of the film is Jeff Byrd. The actors include the lead, Vanessa Williams. The presentation in this film begins with showing a shooting at a bus station. Vanessa Williams is the only survivor of this incident. When moving through the film, Williams tells about the experience of the shoot down and recalls the trauma which she has gone through by being in this location and seeing what has happened in the specific situation. The strength of this plot is based on the ability for Williams to show the other expression of the shootings. The stereotypes which are often depicted in the media are based on the side of African Americans as having a gangster mentality and not basing their beliefs outside of this. The approach which is taken in this film gains its strength by showing the repugnance and drama of the shooting as well as the responses which have exitred because of this. The acting that is followed with this is realistic in nature and is able to depict the overall understanding of the complexities which occur in a realistic situation where a shooting occurs, no matter where it happens and who witnesses it. The tension which builds from this realistic viewpoint, as well as the resolution of cultivation from the trauma becomes the main

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