Monday, June 10, 2019

COOP WORK TERM ANALYSIS REPORT Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

COOP WORK ANALYSIS REPORT - Term Paper Examplell description of how I managed to accomplish my objectives, what I learned, challenges and how to affectionately interact with people in a working environment.BTO Inc is a newly formed company. The company comprises six individuals. They include iii web developers, one web designer, one server administrator and the manager. The company provides services which allow lawyers to get clients from former(a) lawyers and similarly enable lawyers to expand their social career network. The company aims at expanding and growing their legal referral network. As one of the major step towards achieving this, BTO Inc is on the process of releasing its website in order for its clients to interact more with the company and also help in improving its service delivery. The website also will assist BTO Inc in marketing it brand and getting aside to the outer world in order to get more client and a establish a larger market share.My work in BTO Inc. maj orly tangled being part of the team which embarked in establishing a web-based platform to serve lawyers. BTO has more than 40 lawyers who are already signed to use its services. The company is co-owned by two UT students. BTO Inc is based in a small office located in downtown area. The company does not have any other departments. The web-based platform would enable registered members to search in the job log to look for available job opportunities posted by other lawyers. The web-based platform can also enable them to view the daily news related to the law. I was involved in providing and updating event information related to law in the web-based platform. I was also involved in developing user-friendly searching system to target registered lawyers.Working with BTO Inc. was to help in better understanding of what really goes on in the real-world especially in the information technology and software development market. Having that in mind, I formulated the following objectives whic h were to guide me in accomplishing what I cherished to achieve

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