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How Diversity Relates to Education Essay Example for Free

How variety show Relates to Education EssayIn the general education system, it is very completely-important(a) that there is a wide array of several(a) groups in the classroom. It is important to befool a diverse student body, non only to create a realistic setting but also to encourage people to grow outside their boundaries and learn something new close to a culture they may not be familiar with. (Pendulum 1) I believe diversity is an important part of the educational system. It is something positive, and not something one should fear. I also believe that diversity I crucial to a growing child. In this essay, I will address how diversity relates to education in general and how it relates to me as a future t distributivelyer. Diversity and education in America is an important topic in todays education system. Inclusion is a key factor in the classroom it helps bring diversity in to the lives of many children all over the world.By having diversity in the classroom studen ts can learn about peoples differences that make them particular(prenominal) and uncommon. Through my time in taking this diversity class I have come to realize how important it is to find out children that everyone is different and special in their own way. As the student population in American schools becomes increasingly diverse, educators must respond with school reform efforts that meet the needs of all students.In order to do so, teachers need to be prepared to take on the diverse student population. Going through the school of education and this diversity class, I am able to understand now that teachers must develop a culturally sensitive curriculum that integrates multicultural viewpoints and histories, to apply instructional strategies that encourage all students to achieve, and review school and district policies related to educational equity.From my educational background so far I know that teachers must become adept at choosing printed, electronic, and audiovisual mat erials, and in selecting topics and assignments that value the wide variety of perspectives and interests that exist among the students in any given classroom. The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect, it means understanding each student in the classroom is unique and recognizing their individual differences. Children exposed to diverse cultures in the classroom learn to understand different points of view, which is an important part of education (Canadian Teachers 1).Children learn to celebrate differences and learn how to work together to be successful. If teachers are accepting of students differences they will be able to look at students for their potential instead of with a bias in mind, and this will help them teach more successfully. As a future teacher, I think it is important to create a tolerant, accepting and caring classroom atmosphere and here are a couple things one can do as a teacher to constitute diversity in the classroom.By discussing diversit y, and why it is a positive thing, creating lesson plans that discuss the cultures of my students and cultures of the community I teach in, by discussing religious beliefs of the community, and by speaking to students about disabilities and at risk students will help children in my class realize that these differences do not make someone less than them. I would also teach students about socioeconomic issues and how they affect students, and will teach the differences in gender and about gender stereotypes.I will teach these stereotypes but allow some(prenominal) boys and girls in my classroom the same equal opportunities. I believe discussing these issues to todays youth will help show students that all people have needs, and I would emphasize that it is important for students to accept and help each other in order to benefit themselves and the world around them. I think that by teaching lessons that incorporate diversity students can identify and overcome biases, and as a teacher I will also learn about my biases from the students in my care.As a teacher it is important to make sure the classroom atmosphere is comfortable in order to ensure productivity. Teaching students that differences are a good thing and those differences can be learned from and valued is a way to help ensure a positive classroom environment. As a teacher I will help my students understand biases, and I will help them be able to accept differences and treat people fairly by educating them about the differences of the people around them. I believe there are many ways a teacher can incorporate diversity lessons into the classroom.Overall, I believe that teaching students to respect each other despite their differences will benefit the students, the teachers, and the rest of the world. Diversity is an important topic today because everyone is different and unique as a teacher I understand that I will never be in a school that is not a diverse teaching environment. I think that by taking th is diversity class, it has helped me to realize and understand the importance diversity in the classroom and the community has to offer.

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