Friday, October 11, 2019

A Brief Summary of Russia’s History Essay

Russian history is filled with an immense amount of events. Many great and horrible rulers have also ruled over this piece of land. For example, Ivan the Terrible/Great was one of the first well-known and beloved tsars of Russia because he was the first to conquer the Mongolians in 1500. This feat earned him the rule and name as the great ruler of Russia. Over time, another great ruler such as Peter the Great would come. However in 1917, Lenin rose in the Russian revolution and ended the tsar’s rule. In 1922, the fall of the tsars led to the rise of a new government, the U.  S. S. R. Although it was meant to improve the economy, it did not do much and eventually felled in 1991. After many years of difficulty, they are currently on their way back to modernization with the election of President Vladimir Putin. Russia’s history consists of four parts and the longest and most eventful is its history of expansion. This time period lasted from the medieval ages all the way to 1917. However, Russians did not always have a rule on their land. Before the 1500s, the Mongols ruled a small piece of land that was known as Russia. The Mongolian soldiers were known quite fiercely for the battle skills and kept a tight hold on this land that they kept for manservants. This went on until the 1500s when the Grand Prince Ivan of Moscow (later known as Ivan the Terrible/Great) defeated and conquered the Mongols. Under his rule, Russia expanded immensely and even continued through his successors. Peter the Great also made a big impact despite his well-known and influential ancestor. Many things happened under his rule including expansion. Not only did he create a Navy (which did not exist in Russia at the time), he also moved the capital from Moscow all the way to St. Petersburg. He was also greatly known for his three goals that are to expand, Europeanize Russia, and for the czars to have absolute power. Throughout his lifetime, Peter the Great will make tremendous additions to Russia. After his death, there comes great czars and empresses who will expand even further like Empress Catherine the Great and Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. However, Nicholas the Second was the last tsar due to the rise of Lenin and the Russian Revolution.

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