Friday, October 18, 2019

Working with and Leading People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

Working with and Leading People - Essay Example Since we worked as a team, the activities and assessments seemed to be much easier. The learning experience of working in a team is highly commendable because students have the opportunity to share ideas and to benefit from collaborative learning, assertions supported by Gallegos and Peeters (2011, p. 33). This paper will present an in-depth reflection on my experience of working in a team. From my experience, working in a team is highly beneficial as it promotes higher levels of efficiency because several individuals work on a task together and have the opportunity to combine their efforts. As identified by Hansen (2006, p. 16), the level of efficiency attained when working in a group is much higher than the efficiency resulting from a single individual. For example, we worked on a series of activities as a team, a factor that registered higher levels of efficiency. For example, we were able to complete the activities in a shorter time span compared to an individual working on the activities alone. Since the team members were willing to cooperate, we completed most of the activities in record time (Volkov & Volkov 2015, p. 269). I noted the difference in the quality of work produced, a factor, which is related to efficiency. Therefore, working in a team promotes efficiency in two different aspects. According to the skills identified by Hughes and Jones (2011, p. 60), a team can produce a higher quantity of work, which meets the expected quality. In terms of speed, the activities were completed in a short time because the group designated different roles and responsibilities for all the members of the team. Working in a team allowed students with different capacities and talents to work together. Therefore, it was possible to undertake a collaborative learning because we share ideas. The sharing of ideas between different members of the team was highly beneficial because each member learned new ideas. As

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