Sunday, October 13, 2019

Medias Influence Essay -- The Role and Influence of Mass Media

You do it without even knowing. Everyday you are influenced by the media, when you wake up, one of the first things you will do, and I speak from experience because I do it my self, you will look at your mobile phone, turn the TV on, turn the sleeper timer on your radio or check your emails. It doesn't seem like much but already straight away in your lives you're being influenced. After that it doesn't stop. you go to the kitchen and get some food, and I can almost be 100% sure when I say that there will be a product in that kitchen of yours that has been or is endorsed by a well known celebrity. Which again just shows another way in which the media influence us? I carried out a bit of background research before I did this essay, and this statement is backed up by what I found. I found that 87% of people I asked have brought something because of celebrity endorsement. 100% of people owned some products that had been endorsed, be it makeup, cooking equipment, shoes/clothes whatever. Of all these people they said that t...

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