Sunday, August 11, 2019

Harvard style Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Harvard style - Essay Example These people are not involved in teaching, which is the main service of the education institution, but instead they look after administration, maintenance and provide services to main employees such as teachers etc. From my research, I can conclude that any educational institution would require personnel in the following support areas. A library is a necessity of any organization and I have found that hiring the librarian or library assistant is one of the most important jobs in colleges and other educational institutions. It is considered as a support job, because the purpose of education institutions is not to provide books to the students, but to impart education. Hence, this will be considered as a support job. The other area where support staff is required is the maintenance. There are plenty of support jobs available in maintenance. Here a cleaner, a janitor and a technician will be need for the cleanliness of the building and in order to make sure that all the electrical equipments such as projectors work well. Many colleges and universities are opening up on-campus finance offices. As a result of this, a number of support jobs have become available. A cashiers, finance head and finance assistance have also become common support jobs. These are some of the support jobs that many universities and colleges are hiring these days and have become common in the job market. In accordance to our need, I will try to fill some of the vacant jobs in our university, to make sure that we run with complete efficiency. (Job Rapido, 2010) The project plan that I am going to use in order to make the functioning of my university more effective, I will create a project plan for project control and successful implementation. Some people argue that excellence in execution is perhaps the most important part of any project. On the contrary, I believe that project control is equally as important in order to make sure

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