Wednesday, August 28, 2019

You are what you eat Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

You are what you eat - Research Paper Example Ecological footprint calculators ask things such as how much of each kind of meat you might eat in a given week and where do you purchase your food, whether it's at a natural foods store, a local farmer's market or a chain grocery store. Two types of food that can increase your ecological footprint are beef and prepackaged frozen meals. Beef comes from cows and cows hurt the earth in many ways including producing high amounts of methane, polluting freshwater with their excrement, ruining topsoil with their grazing, and requiring a lot of grain to produce the meat we eat. Prepackaged frozen food uses the original resources necessary to create that food to begin with - whether its fish or chicken or vegetables - and then compounds the problem by processing that food for transportation to a manufacturing plant where it is all put together in packages that use more resources and then frozen using more resources. Once everything is ready to be stored, more resources need to be used to kee p the frozen packages frozen as they are shipped to wherever they will be sold, to keep them frozen in the store, and then to keep them frozen in our homes until we're ready to eat them. Then we have to use electricity to heat them and usually end up throwing the packaging away instead of recycling it. To understand this concept better, I chose to analyze the ecological footprint of eating Fritos Bean Dip.

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