Friday, August 23, 2019

Human Resource Management at Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2

Human Resource Management at Work - Essay Example uum but the key here is that this area needs to work under a broader framework that links it to the strategy of the firm; external factors are found to be affecting it apart from the internal factors. The HRM takes into account all the individual and group related that is collective relations, a number of human resource practices, policies and process, activities pursued by the HR specialist, union’s role, developing some HR practices that will provide the organization with an edge, employee security or it can even work on incorporating some organizational change. These are some of the factors that can be worked upon and thus are designed in a manner to increase the performance of an organization by effective human resources management. Similarly as the case implies that Brendon Jones Inc. is a service providing company, and for this reason the employees are the key assets of the organization. The 200 employees found in working at 10 leisure outlets were working at the front line. They were basically responsible for bringing in the business. Dealing with the customers and maintaining the relationship was the best and most important factor for the organization like Brendon Jones. Looking at the today’s working environment Human Resource Management is much more important than ever. The functions of managing and developing people are seen critical to gain improvements in the performance of an organization. The same was the case in Brendon Jones; there were changes taking place, the company was bought by a corporate investment company. It was like a change in the ownership structure. Employees working with the original founder were somehow used to of the policies and procedures. But as its being mentioned in the case that there was no HR manager; it’s not the task of Finance and Administration director to handle issues that are related to human workforce. For this reason as to solve the challenges related to reducing the labor turnover and to maintaining

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