Sunday, August 18, 2019

Why Belgium is a Special Country Essay -- essays research papers

Belgium is a small country in Northwestern Europe, bordering France, Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands, The North Sea, and the North Atlantic Ocean. About the size of Maryland, Belgium has a suprising 10.3 million people. In which most of the people are Flemish and French. Belgium's position at the "crossroads of Europe" give the country an international flavor. Mostly true in Belgium's capitol city, Brussels. Brussels is the home of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO), which makes Belgium a very special, yet unnoticed, country. Bonjour or hello. Bonjour is hello in French, one of the many spoken languages in Belgium. Sadly French is only spoken by 32 % of Belgians. The other 68 % is spoken by Flemish with 56 %, Bilingual with 11 % , and German with a lonesome 1 %. Obviously Flemish is the most spoken, and is the easiest language translating thank you to dank u, and very well to goed. Most likely if you were to visit or live in Belgium Flemish would be the language to speak. At the crossroads of Europe, Belgium has witnessed a constant ebb and flow of different peoples and cultures over its long history. It comprises cultural elements of Celtic, Roman, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Austrian origins. Immigrants who came to Belgium from Southern Europe, Turkey, and North Africa after World War II have further contributed to the country's cultural mix. Today, Belgians are divided linguistically into Dutch speakers, called Flemings, and French speakers, called Walloons, with a nominally bilingual population in Brussels. Some 67,000 German speakers live in the east, about 900,000 foreigners reside in Belgium as well. Population density is the second highest in Europe, after the Netherlands. Every Belgian ... ...ding and an architectural heritage of value to qualify for the nomination.Shopping is one of the most popular activities undertaken by UK holidaymakers when they travel around Europe, and this is increasingly becoming the case with Brussels which is attracting more and more of the big names in national and international fashion to its growing shopping districts. What better way to discover the delights of the destination than to visit gems such as Crupet, a charming little town on the edge of a wooded valley, or Melin with its spectacular views, nestled on the heights of a valley or even the picturesque Lompret, situated in the meander of a river while enjoying the best of what these villages have to offer. In conclusion, Belgium's beautiful landscape and delicious foods make it the ideal place to live or vacation. One should feel lucky and pleased to call it home.

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