Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Criticism of a press release from Tourism Organization and relation of Essay

Criticism of a press release from Tourism Organization and relation of its content with theory - Essay Example Ban Kimoon emphasized the role that tourism can play in environmental sustainability and promotion of green growth as well as helping in the struggle to adapt to climate change. His speech was in relevance to the theme of the 2012 world tourism day that sought to emphasize the importance of sustainable energy to the tourism industry. As Ban Kimoon mentioned, the tourism industry stands in a capacity to contribute positively towards environmental sustainability. One of the indicators of the efforts made by the world tourism organization include the dedication of the 2012 world tourism day to addressing issues related to the value of adopting the use of renewable energy sources. Adoption of renewable energy sources by the tourism industry is an effort towards environmental sustainability. Since the industry’s activities involve a lot of transportation and washing. Transport involves both the aircrafts and vehicles. Adoption of energy sources that have minimal carbon emissions is one of the advances the tourism industry is making. Using such fuels minimizes air pollution as well as preventing ozone effects that have resulted to adverse climate changes (International Conference on Sustainable Tourism, Pineda, and Brebbia, 2010). In addition, the industry has a new invention of an online tool-kit that helps hoteliers get a reflection of their total energy consumption rates. In addition, the tool-kit offers the hoteliers strategies of saving energy. Moreover, hoteliers can use this kit in exploring the possible ways of adopting renewable energy sources. The launching of the kit intended to improve energy efficiency in most of the tourism facilities and increase their ventures in renewable energy. The kit bears the name ‘Hotel Energy Solutions’ and hoteliers have a free access to the kit online. This is a positive move towards environmental sustainability. The long-term effects of the use of the

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