Wednesday, September 4, 2019

THE SELLING OF ORGANS: RIGHT OR WRONG :: Ethical Issues, Human Organs

I Introduction All humans have organs. The organ is very important to the humans because without organ humans will not be able to live well. At present, there are many actions that are done by irresponsible people to sell organs. Organ sales cases occur when a person sells or transfers an organ from one body to another body for the purpose of replacing the recipient’s damaged organ. There are thousands of people dying to buy a kidney, and thousands of people dying to sell a kidney because of the lack of organs availability. Lives should not be wasted, they should be saved. Indirectly, there are many reasons why they sell the organs, where the organs mostly sold to and consequences of selling human organs. II Body A Most of the countries have organ selling issues from poor people to rich people and from less powerful people to the most powerful people. 1 The country that sell the most number of organs is India and has become one of the largest country for human organs selling and transplants in the world. a Poor people in India usually sell their organs while they are still alive (Scheper-Hughes, 1998, para. 7). b India hospitals are under investigation by the government because of the illegal organ sales (Carney, 2007, para. 4). 2 People use the body for their own benefit but they cannot change the other bodies for its own interests. a People agree to sell their organs because of their benefit. i Poor families are desperate to send their son to University (Maconachy, 2007, para. 4). ii Most parents want their daughters to marry will be collecting money for a dowry to the groom and they had to sell their organs to make the exchange. B People usually sell their organs in an underground market for human organ around the world that is called blackmarket (Maconachy, 2007, para.1). 1 Most the donors came from middle class family who’s searching clients via the internet. (Maconachy, 2007, para.3). a They find the client from specific sites where most of people posted organ selling on that websites. b The meeting can arranged if the client agree to go through the procedure. c According to Kenichiro Hokamura, he was faced two choice whether to wait for the transplant or buy organ on the internet. i He buys the organ from Japanese broker in China and get the new kidney two months later(Coonan & McNell, 2006, para. 2). 2 In China, the government is trying to strike down the black market (Coonan & McNell, 2006, para.

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