Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Gender in Public and Private Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Gender in Public and Private - Essay Example On the other hand, private institution such as a family gives equal treatments to both genders with the aim of promoting dam growth and developments. In comparing a family (a private institution) with the government (a public institution), there are differences that can be realized. For instance, family gives equal chances to gender and treats them as one. This implies that the family treats its people equally regardless of their sexual orientation. On the other hand, government as a public institution gives priority to male gender at the expense of female. This is evidenced in the structure of government since male gender takes the topmost seats and women given lower seats (Hutchinson 3). Similarly, the government is full of force since people scramble for resources, hence locking out women or weaker gender. On the contrary, a family has a developed structure allowing distribution of resources without sidelining either gender. Despite the differences, the two institutions have a similarity since they both subordinate the role of a woman. Family as a private institution has a male as the head of the house and a woman as the helper making her play the second fiddle (Hutchinson 5). Similarly, men head most governments and appoint women to take a subordinate role (Hutchinson 5). These examples indicate that social institutions treat both genders differently in private and public

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