Monday, September 9, 2019

Financial Statement Analysis Project Research Paper

Financial Statement Analysis Project - Research Paper Example In 2011 the cash and investment balances of the company rose to $125 million due to the initial public offering made in the year 1997. Financial Information of Company The company’s performance in case of the operating activities has been good enough but the same cannot be said as far as Amazon’s financial and investing activities are concerned because the company is showing a negative return of $482 million (financing activities) and $1930 million (investing activities) in 2011. This decrease was mainly the affect of the capital expenditures and the changes in the working capital over the year. Rising net sales of the company which by approximately 41% than the last year due to the effect of the exchange rates. But the effect of the rising sales were diluted due to the increase in the operating expenses of the company which resulted in the net income of Amazon to dip from $1152 million (2010) to $631 million (2011). Summary of the Firm Markets Market of operation for A mazon is mainly in North America, US and Canada. The common stock of, Inc. (AMZN) is dealt in Nasdaq Global Select Market. In 2010 has witnessed a high of $185.65 in the fourth quarter and a low of $105.80 in the third quarter whereas in 2011 Amazon witnessed a high of $246.71 in the fourth quarter and a low of $160.59 in the first quarter. ... cation where the makes most of its business is North America, US, Canada, UK, France Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, China and soon is going to launch websites in Poland, Sweden and Netherlands. has its services stations in prime areas of North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. The global headquarters of is situated in Seattle in Washington. Partners The main strategic partners of were America Online, Yahoo, Netscape, GeoCities, AltaVista, @Home and Prodigy maintaining a long-term relationship since the year 2007. Competitors The main competitors in the field of online trading in comparison to, Inc. are Apple Inc., Barnes & Noble, Inc. As the gross profit of Amazon is 22.76% whereas in case of Apple Inc. is 43.95% and Barnes & Noble’s, Inc. is 26.52%. Comparative Analysis The company chosen for the comparative analysis with the, Inc. are EBay, Inc. and Google, Inc. because both the companies of comparison b elong to the same industry (Catalogue and Mail Order Houses) dealing in the Nasdaq market. Net Income of, Inc. is $560 million whereas that of EBay, Inc. is $3.32 billion and Google, Inc. is $10.83 million. Thus being a giant in the field of online trading is a clear winner. The higher the price earnings ratio of the company higher is its growth rate. Price earnings ratio of, Inc. is 180.41, in comparison to EBay, Inc. which has a P/E ratio of 16.15 and Google, Inc. with a P/E ratio of 17.59. This proved that the stocks of, Inc. are much more preferable in comparison to EBay, Inc. and Google, Inc. The price to sales ratio of a company projects that lower the P/S ratio of the company the better it is as the investor has to pay less. Price to sales ratio

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