Wednesday, November 27, 2019

buy custom Laptops Being Used in Schools essay

buy custom Laptops Being Used in Schools essay Technology has today played a significant role in facilitating education. Computers have often been used in classroom work by teachers and students. This has made teaching and learning in schools and colleges easy and attractive. In this context, this paper will discuss the use of laptops in schools. The discussion will begin by an introduction that will explain the use of computers in schools today. The discussion will also include the advantages of using computers in schools. This will highlight the progress laptops have brought in education. The paper ends with a conclusion that wills emphasis on the use of laptops in schools, including the benefits of technology in education today. The use of technology has been noted in many schools. The administration in schools have left the long used textbooks and adapted the use of laptops. According to survey done, many schools have taken sponsored programs, which provide laptops to their students. The authors of the article Schools Dump Textbooks for iPods, Laptops highlight that laptop use has increased considerably in schools. They further explain that the use of textbooks may be more challenging than using laptops. This is because it may be easy to locate recent publication by the use of internet that looking for hard copy on the shelf. Since the introduction of laptops, many have taken advantage of this machine and have used it often in their classroom work. It has been replaced by the use of books to write notes, and assignments. These students are of the ages of 2 years and above. In some cases, the school administration has initiated the use of the laptops. That is the schools funds the laptop programs for students in their schools. The use of laptops has several advantages to the students. The use of laptops has facilitated the search and availability of learning material. Teachers and students have learnt to use the laptops to obtain information for the subjects being tackled in the curriculum. Hence, the laptops have been efficient tools in learning. On this note, it has also been much easy for the learner to find the information he or she needs for better understanding of the subject. As a result, many people have opted to use laptops for their studies. The laptops have also enabled students to manage their assignment well. Each student can now easily work on his or her assignment at the speed that is comfortable for him or her. Compared to the previous system whereby the students had to search for information in books, and articles in the library. This was time consuming and tiring for both the learners and educators. However, laptops have eased the struggle and today that search for information can be easily done through computers. Laptops have also increased focus of learning to students. The participation of students in learning has increased considerably in the schools.; It has been a significant means of encouraging student and teacher interaction. The students communicate to their educators on any issue or difficulty that they seem to be encountering in the assignments that are handling. According to the author of the book 1-to-1 learning: laptop programs that work, students have had a chance to work together with each other by the use of laptops. Students get to discuss the assignment online and through email. That is they share ideas, comments, and concepts that have learning on their own. The use of laptops has also made it easy for learners to access the work done by other students. Hence, a student can see the work done by another student in case he or she has difficulty in any subject. This has improved performance in each student in school. He further explains that through the use of laptops, the educators have a good chance of accessing the progress of the students. It is clear that laptops have brought more good than harm to both students and teachers in schools today. I strongly support the idea of using laptops in schools. It will enhance learning and participation in schools. In addition, the use of laptops gives a chance to the learners to catch up with the fast growing information technology in the world today. In conclusion, laptop use is increasing in the schools every day. It is evident that the students enjoy using the new technology to learn. Hence, school administration need to consider using a laptop to enrich and enhance learning in todays technology. Buy custom Laptops Being Used in Schools essay

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