Friday, November 1, 2019

Steps to Ethical Decision Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Steps to Ethical Decision - Essay Example Three main assumptions that define how this issue could present an ethical challenge. The conflict involved is to what extent is the appreciation token genuine but not a bribe. More apparently, the winner of a tender out of good will decides to present appreciation to the entire panel openly inform of either cash, a party or any other form that may appear inducement. No doubt, many will find it within the sound business practice considering it happens publicly and more importantly out of the willingness of the rich supplier. Secondly, such offers are hard to be defined within the context of bribery because this is not done in secret, and everyone gets an entitlement to a fair share. Lastly, this occurs after the panel has established successfully that the supplier justly deserves the tender, however accepting gifts or goodies could jeopardize other potential competitors in future.Concisely, some parties may argue that it may be unethical to accept offers from business partners. Howev er, the manner at which this offer is given appears fair and not an inducement. When trapped in such a dilemma and case, the eight clearly outlined steps are fundamental in bringing the conflict to sanity. Basic Ethical Principles. Situation analysis of benefits versus burdens. While some decisions may appear ethical, it may bring huge burden to an organization. Loss of integrity and the perception of lack of fairness are two critical challenges that may accrue from a controversial ethical decision.

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