Thursday, November 21, 2019

Strategic issues and options facing your organisation Essay

Strategic issues and options facing your organisation - Essay Example Strategic investments that are made by the companies are indicative of the strategic direction and intentions. A few years ago Apple Computer was an innovative organization since its founding in 1970`s. However Dell was far superior to Apple on unit cost KSF (Key Factor Success) and inferior to Apple on innovation KSF (Key Factor Success). Over time Dell worked diligently to lower its unit cost structure and its trajectory from past to its present position portrays its accomplishments. Again Apple has continued to push its innovation agenda with the introduction of Cube, Mac Book air and G3. Apple has realized the importance of price competitiveness as a reason of which it has made substantial improvements in its unit cost dimension. To achieve further reductions in the unit cost, Dell can expect that Apple will evaluate a range of strategic options that will help in fulfilling this intention. Since PC manufacturing costs are connected with economies of scale, Apple has the option of making their PC`s more attractive to a larger audience. It is for this reason that Apple developed its own software that enabled the users to run Windows and Windows based software on their Apple computers in 2006. This made Apple`s computing platform viable option for ten millions of computer users who could experience a significant switching cost for using Apple by giving up Windows. To elaborate the first question, Apple`s rapid growth has been accelerated by introducing new platforms which they have extended for superior growth and profits. Platform growth trajectories generally decline with age. Apple did a great job by increasing the growth of the Mac platform by shifting the mindset from desktop to portables and lately to Mac Book Air. When the sale of iPods media players went down by 17%, Apple was able to bounce back with the new and more expensive iPod Touch Model. Experts say that by 2013, the market

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