Sunday, November 3, 2019

ECONOMICS FOR BUSINESS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

ECONOMICS FOR BUSINESS - Essay Example But with the passage of past two years, much is still to be done to revive the American economy, since the public also has shown their displeasure for many of the policies of the Obama regime. Though the Obama regime has promised jobs for the millions of the jobless Americans, much has to be seen the way in which the whole American economy is going to sway in the coming years. Two years ago with the change in the regime, everyone thought that the recession would be soon over and that the American economy will soon be resurrected back to its previous permanent superior position. But things have so much changed and it is seen that the whole set of optimistic predictions about an instant recovery were turned into rubble. Thus the whole thing of a temporary kind of resurgence only ended up in brewing more trouble for the US economy and the final result was that the start of a double dipping recession. Really it was a shock to the millions of the entrepreneurs as well as the American citi zens in general, since this was the worst scenario that they had ever predicted or they ever wanted to happen. ( The American government along with the Federal Reserve remained a mute spectator to the entire happenings, since they were also quite helpless and did the maximum that they could to save the entire US economy. But the US economy was sinking constantly and the Obama regime could do nothing to protect the consumer’s interests or the business investors. Indeed billions of dollars that were invested by the entrepreneurs and the investors went up for nothing which meant that it pushed the US economy deeper into financial trouble. The rising inflations during the past two years along with the loss of jobs nation wide, has made things very bitter and increasingly difficult for the American citizens, since they could not afford for even the essential utilities that they had previously enjoyed before the start of the recession. Life has turned fr om tough to the worst during the past two years. The foreign investors from the other countries totally shied away from the US stock markets, since things were becoming much worse and the whole US economy was bundled up in the past two years into increasing debts and poverty started to rule most of the US states. People had indeed opted for a regime change thinking that they would get a better government with the Obama regime but things have still not happened in the same way as they intended it to be. The Year 2010 has been a year that has been marked by the US government and the US Federal Reserve as a year, which was particularly meant for raising adequate funds for resurrecting the US economy as it was during the post recession era. But how far the fund raising has raised the capital for the various US industries and the American economy is still yet to be seen. Though the recession has started to recede and the US economy is showing a bounce back from the past years, still the investors as well as the general US public along with the business community is showing little optimism, regarding the various reforms and the policy packages that are being announced by the US government. ( As per the US government’s statistical data, the unemployment rates are regarded to be much below the ten percent mark. But though this is the data that has been produced by the official agencies all across the US, the actual

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