Saturday, July 27, 2019

Green materials for children's room Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Green materials for children's room - Essay Example To ensure your products are green, purchase from companies that make their furniture from certified sustainable wood or reclaimed wood materials. Certified sustainable wood means the wood used in production passes the Forest Stewardship Council’s 57 criteria to protect wildlife and regulate pesticide use (Tara, 2008). Companies that make the effort to ensure their wood products are certified sustainable are also typically careful in the selection of stains and treatments for the finished product that remain safe for use in children’s rooms. Sustainable wood products are available through Stokke, Oeuf, DucDuc, Argington and Pacific Rim. Although these sustainable products are generally a little more expensive up-front, they are much better options that the less expensive pressed wood products or plastic products on the market. Pressed wood is typically held together with resins and glues that are full of chemicals considered unhealthy for children as well as adults. Some of these same types of resins and glues are also used in the production of plastic products often created for children. Many of these kinds of products outgas what is essentially formaldehyde, which can irritate the skin, damage eyes, bother the throat or even cause nausea (Tara, 2008). This harm can be reduced by purchasing used materials that have already outgassed much of this material, but one must take care to ensure everything is still appropriately assembled and has not been recalled. The best lighting for young children is natural sunlight, filtered so as to avoid exposure to UV rays. This can be accomplished through the use of skylighting, windows or even glass bricks that allow natural light to filter inside. This lighting can be controlled during daylight hours through the use of blackout lining in the draperies, blinds or shutters for purposes of naptime, etc. When natural lighting is not

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