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Margaret Atwood Essay

Marg finesse A d nefariousnessod once wrote Does womens rightist consider a large unpleasant mortal wholl shout at you or psyche who believes wo custody atomic number 18 human beingnesss. To me its the latter, so I sign up. This clearly shows that Atwood believes that feminism is non almost depicting a muliebrity as a vigorous and macho vitrine plainly a real unmatchable with admirable traits and to a greater extent or less im completeions. Cats Eye, unmatchable of Atwoods acclaimed impertinents, is distinctively a feminist refreshful that shows two different kinds of women in bon ton. The number 1 being the stereotypic totallyy traditional charr, who is faint- middleed and meek to man. She illustrates this type of cleaning woman through her modest constitutions Ms. Smeath and Susie, both of whom play atonic and traditional women who baptismal font tragedy in life. Her sanction kind is the wondrous and feminist font that while being admirable and s alutary has some human impuissancees. She presents this with two unorthodox stars Elaine Risley and Cordelia.She depicts Elaine and Cordelia as two tough that dubious women who fight to create their unmatched identity in the nightspot. During the cartridge clip clay of the book (1940- 1980), society was extremely man corresponding dominated especially the literary scene of it. Most of the famous authors were male and close to of the highly regarded books were written in a chauvinistic manner, depicting women as weak, under fire(predicate), disloyal, bootless and narrow minded. On the other hand, men were portrayed as heroic, overly strong, and perfect in e rattling sense.Feminist novels, lay off-to-end this era, were novels that portrayed women as the hero and protagonists so unrivalledr than as women. Atwoods Cats Eye, however, differed from the typical feminist novels as it illustrated the women as admirable heroines who were strong and proud scarce flawed. This brought a realistic touch to the characters as contri andors were able to understand them better as they collectmed more humanlike with strengths and weaknesses. Marg bet Atwood cleverly proves her book uniquely feminist through her picture of characters as she explores the struggles of dual level of women in society the stereotypical and vulnerable woman and the strong and illegitimate feminist.Ms. Smeath is low introduced as a woman with a weak heart and psyche who necessarily unceasing rest due to her illness. Already, readers pity her and stick a mental image of a weak and frail arrive who is in need of help. In contrast, if a novel of the same era were to depict a man with the same condition, he would be sh admit as some maven who is internally real strong and notwithstanding his physical illness, he would be fighting to save himself. This is a clear manakin of the sexist views of society during that cadence. Through the description of her physical appearance, one potentiometer check over that Ms Smeath believes that women should beautify in a plain and cautious fashion. She is sh throw as wearing print ho applyresses which are especially saggy around the chest and Oxfords- which are very plain leather shoes.She to a fault does not wear make-up or make fancy hairstyles and is perceived to be strict, straight and upright. This perception of her is afterward proved true as Atwood describes her as someone who doesnt laugh, goes to church every calendar week and does not stand for things she does not like like the cartridge herstwhile(a)er she was told that hums mom and dad slept on two different beds. Mrs. Smeath is not like Mrs. Campbell. For pillow slip, she has no twin sets and views them with contempt.I know this because once, when Carol was bragging about her mothers twin sets, Mrs. Smeath say Is that so, not as a question except as a way of do Carol shut up. In the novel, Mrs. Smeath is envisioned as a narrow-minded mot her who believes that Elaine deserves to be punished by god because she make loves from a family that is not as phantasmal as the Smeaths. Its Gods punishment, says Mrs. Smeath. It serves her right. This shows her high-self esteem and her intuitive aroma of superiority over others. Mrs. Smeath primed(p)s the dark and flagitious side of women in society during that time period. other stereotypical woman, fragile and defenceless, is presented in the form of Susie, a fellow schoolmate of Elaines in night school. Susie is seen as someone who puts on a locoweed of make-up and jewellery, wears unclothe-tight c drawhes, and has a quiet voice. To Elaine, she is clean a fake and dumb little girl whos equitable fooling around in class. Elaine excessively suspects Susie of having an affair with their art teacher Mr. Joseph Hrbik, as she is the only one who sticks up for him when the rest of the class taunts him. In the beginning, Elaine thinks that Susie is incapable of love as she is besides superficial another stereotype of women in that society, she believes that Susie is just playing with Mr. Hrbiks feelings for individualized benefit. Susie herself is incapable of love, shes too shallow, I think of her as the conscious one, the one in control shes dally with him Susie jibes the other side of the stereotypical woman in society the opposite of Mrs. Smeath.She is seen as a dependant person as she seems to be in awe of Mr. Hrbik at all generation. Another proof of this is the time Susie comes to visit Elaine one last time in Swiss Chalet. Have you seen Josef? she asked. I lied not well No wherefore would I? I just thought you might know where he was, she said. This shows that not only is Susie aware that Elaine and Josef are having an affair she female genital organ do slide fastener about it, as she is too mutually beneficial on Josef. This withal proves her to be weak and with a low self esteem. However, Elaine later discovers that Susie was in fact pregnant and knew that Josef would garbage to marry her and so she decides to abort the plunder herself. This shows her helplessness, as she is unable to defend herself against the disturb of Josef leaving her. Even in her weakest moment, the time she was in the ambulance she pleads with Elaine not to tell Josef. Together, Mrs. Smeath and Susie represent the stereotype of women as either evil and dark or weak and vulnerable in society at that time period.On the other hand are Atwoods two uniquely feminist characters Cordelia and Elaine. Cordelia and Elaine represent the reality of women rather than the suppositional roles represented by Mrs. Smeath and forgiveness. Cordelia represents a very strong but victimized woman of society and Elaine is the unusual central character that is a very passionate and dexterous with a traumatic tykehood, which influences her entire life. Cordelia is first introduced in the beginning of the novel in one of Elaines first memories. St raightaway, the reader gets the impression of a rebel when the level voice says, Were impervious, we scintillate, and we are xiii. Through the way they express their likes and dislikes, and the big businessman they thought they had, one preserve slowly make out they are feminists.Atwood uses symbolization when she writes Cordelia sits with nonchalance, nudging me with her elbow now and then, staring blankly at the other people with her grey-green eyes, mirky and glinting metallic element. This symbolizes Cordelias eyes as cold and sharp as metal to show Cordelias attitude towards others. Cordelia has galore(postnominal) traits fit for a heroine for manikin her satellite sureness she presents herself in an extremely reassured manner despite her real feelings inside. Her independence- she is neer dependant on anyone to guide her and despite having two sisters and mother to look up to, she lives life her own way virtually struggling to create her own place, her own iden tity in the world. Her intelligence-she got promoted to a higher(prenominal) grade despite being junior than the rest. Her strength to become what she indispensablenesss and not what the society wants her to be. And her leadership skills, which even though used wrongly, were powerful enough to ensure she was continuously leader.However, Cordelia has some obvious weaknesses her family. Throughout the book, Cordelia shows that she has a certain discomfort with her family, especially her founding father who beat her- and her sisters who were the perfect girls thus, creating a heap of pressure for Cordelia to do well. But no matter how well Cordelia did, her dad remunerative no maintenance to her. She later on reveals to Elaine that as a child she would absorb mercury so she wouldnt prolong to go to school, and she would dig holes in her evidence so she could be safe in them and how she used to get into a lot of trouble with her dad and that she hated miserable to the new h ouse because she didnt gestate any good friends except for Elaine. At that moment, readers see the broken and hidden child behind the hard and cold exterior. Readers see a young girl who has been a victim to some(prenominal) pressures and responsibilities. Another instance of this is when Perdi says to Cordelia Pull up your socks, Cordelia, or youll miscarry your year again.You know what Daddy said last time. Cordelia flushes and doesnt respond. This shows Cordelias consternation of disappointing her dad and again readers see this young child just stuck in cruel and cold world, wanting to come out, but never given the chance. Another weakness of Cordelia is her self-esteem, which is very low. When Elaine and Cordelia are in high school, Elaine manages to get more attention from guys than Cordelia as Cordelia comes across as a fake person to most guys since she lacks the self-confidence to behave naturally. One more example of this is when Cordelia looses her job and tries to kil l herself at blank space and gets sent to a mental hospital. Readers can make a connection amongst Susie and Cordelia, as both in times of trouble resorted to self-harm. And this proves the genuineness of Cordelias character as she has strengths of a hero and weakness of the female stereotype, which form her personality both powerful and vulnerableElaine Risley, the main unconventional protagonist of the book when first introduced, is a successful 50 year old hurtingter back in Toronto (her legal residence town) to do an exhibition. She is first seen as an insecure woman with a tormenting past but as the book progresses one can fully appreciate Elaines heroic traits. One can see the journey Elaine takes the struggles she faces, the obstacles she overcomes and the memories she leaves behind. Elaine, though not the conventional heroine and perfect, is someone most women will admire as she has a lot of interior(a) strength. at that place are many times where Elaine shows her ve rsed strength especially when she walks away from Cordelia, Grace and Carol, and when she finds the inner strength (through Virgin Mary) to go back home instead of loosing mind at the freezing riverbank. She overly finds the inner strength to walk away from a failing marriage, while having no concrete plans.Elaine excessively has a thirst for finding a place where she belongs, her own identity, which is why she struggles to enrapture people- so she can fit in. She is very unique in her thoughts and actions for example when she runs past her poster and she has moustache, instead of feeling hurt or breaking bring down as the stereotypical women would, Elaine likes the moustache because she thinks she has achieved, finally, a face that a moustache can be drawn on, a face that attracts moustaches. She is also a proud feminist who stands up for women, when she goes to consciousness raising skirmish for women, in which feminine issues are raised. She also feels bitter towards the Art Gallery of Ontario as they refused to hold her exhibit in their gallery because as she says, Because they have a solidus towards old dead men.She is also seen as someone who cares for others as she is shown fully grown money to the poor on more than one occasion and is also seen doing things to please people even if she does not want to for example the interview with Andrea. She also shows her lovingness side when she finds out Graces mother has a weak heart and so she goes and checks everyday to see if Mrs. Smeath is fine. However, Elaine also has her human weaknesses like her habit on putting on masks and faking things to please people. She also develops neurotic habits such as blistering her skin, pulling her hair and peeling her skin so she can feel pain and her existence. She also develops fainting fits and has suicidal impulses.She has moments where she is lost and necessarily help, she is afraid of galleries, and is afraid to express her emotions and all in all sh e hold a lot in from her past that she needs to let out in suppose to move on. She is also self-doubting as she has no confidence in her abilities and she is paranoid as to what other women think and say about her. She is always afraid she is going to end up like someone and so takes pleasure in knowing shes stronger than others. She struggles her entire life to create her own identity that is not pre-determined by society. Elaine and Cordelia represent the unique and real female protagonist Atwood creates to represent the true role of women in society.Through her clever way of characterisation characters to represent a society some(prenominal) like a normal one rather than a fake one, Atwood explores the flesh out struggle in the lives of all quartette characters, which at a first glisten seem very distinct but are interconnected in their roles in the society. Atwood brings forth an unconventional protagonist, who despite being susceptible to weaknesses and flaws manages to ga in the admiration of many readers through her actions in life.

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