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HuckleBerry Finn Character List :: essays papers

HuckleBerry Finn Character List He is the protagonist and narrator of the novel. Huck is a thirteen-year-old boy. Huck is dirty and frequently homeless. He was constantly forced to survive on his own wits. But Huck is thoughtful, â€Å"street smart† rather than â€Å"book smart†. In fact he was uneducated. He was always an outcast, he was willing to come to his own conclusions about important stuff, even if the conclusions frequently contradicted society's norms. Huck was easily influenced by others, particularly by his friend Tom. Jim He is one of Miss Watson’s household slaves. He is sometimes a little sentimental and very superstitious to the point where you might think he is stupid, but its because he knew the world around him. But he was also intelligent, practical, and I think, more of an adult than anyone else in the book. He became a replacement dad to Huck as well as a friend. Because he is a black man and a runaway slave, he was afraid of getting caught, so he became paranoid. Jim was at the mercy of almost all the other characters in the book. Tom Sawyer He was Huck's friend in this novel. He is everything that Huck is not. Tom's stubborn reliance on the "authorities" of romance novels leads him to acts of incredible stupidity and startling cruelty. His adherence to the uncivilized world gives him something in common with Huck. He learns to see through and alienate himself from the â€Å"forces† that try to civilize him. Pap Huck's father and the town drunk. When he appears at the beginning of the novel, he is a wreck, with pale white skin and decrepit old clothes. Illiterate himself, he disapproves of Huck’s education. Many surrogates are forced to care for his son. Pap represented â€Å"white trash†. Most of the black characters in the book were morally and physically better than he was. He was a dead-beat and abusive dad. Judge Thatcher Judge Thatcher shared responsibility for Huck with the Widow Douglas, and is in charge of safeguarding the money that Huck found. He takes responsibility for issues affecting the community as a whole. He cared for Huck. When Huck discovers that Pap had returned to town, he signed his fortune over to the Judge, instead of taking it, he promised to hold it for him. Judge Thatcher has a daughter, Becky, who was Tom's girlfriend in the earlier novel.

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