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Organizational behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organizational behavior - Essay Example It is basically a practice of proper or suitable human behavior within the organizational setting (Griffin and Moorhead 3). The human behavior within the organization depends on many important factors and they are the organizational structure, motivational factors, job satisfaction, leadership qualities of the managers, communication processes and many more. However, with the advancement of the behavioral approaches of the new age work forces the organizational behavioral approaches of the management are also changing. The ROWE program in Best Buy is a great example to be studied by most of the organizations. Organizational structures (on the basis of decision making) Centralized: According to the centralized method the top level managers take the final decision and it is been carried downwards to the employee level. In this case the numbers of the managers are less and they stay away from the service point. Most of the traditional organizations follow the centralized structure. Dece ntralized: The decentralized system is totally different. The decision can also be taken in a much lower level. However, it is better than the centralized methods as the decision is made fast and the decision maker stays near the service point (Finkler et al; 43). Relation between organizational behavior and Structure: Strategy is the long term goal of the organization towards the proper direction. There are many strategies related to the organizations behavior and many strategies are discussed above and will be discussed in the later part of this paper. However, the organizational behavior and the organizational structures are closely related to each other. The decision making process and the behavior of the organization highly depend on the organizational structure. The structure and the behavioral strategies have reciprocal relationship (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson 312). This important relation focuses one strategy formulation and the strategy implementation. In the recent time the ROWE program in the Best Buy can be presented to understand the relation between the organizational behavior, the structure and the strategies accordingly to match both the entities (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson 312) Organization Behaviors: Group behavior: An organization is made of different people from different cultural back grounds and the group behavior plays a vital role in this context. However, group behaviors can referrer to many things. For an example, a group made of similar mentality people for some personal achievements can be a great negative character for an organization. However, a systematic grouping of employees for the betterment of the organization can be called as a team. And, team work is a great positive point for any organization. However, a group behavior is less predictable as many people are associated with a group (Yalom, and Leszcz 261). Job Attitudes: The attitude is a relative and evaluative statement; it can be favorable or unfavorable towards an object, person or job (Robbins, 55). It is a complex behavior of a person and it is highly dependent upon individual. However, attitudes can be molded with proper behavioral practices. The attitude of an employee towards her or her job depends upon many important factors and they are the job profile, motivation

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