Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Is Death Penalty Justifiable Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Is Death Penalty Justifiable - Essay Example This matter entails unresolved issues on its justification as a rightful punishment for convicted criminals. Death penalty advocates stress mainly that this system will deter crime and moreover give justice or retribution to the crime victims and their families. On the other hand, death penalty abolitionists believe that death penalty does not deter crime but rather promote it. Moreover, it violates the human rights of the convicted criminals, some are may be wrongfully convicted and there is an apparent issue of unequal treatment or discrimination of would-be convicted criminals because of being poor or a member of a minority group. One of the main purposes of having death penalty in the judicial systems was to advocate fear of committing a crime and stopping criminals in doing so now that they are immobilized or put out of action. But does death penalty on convicted criminals honestly discourage other from doing crime I personally don't believe so. An acted violence punished by another form of violence results to a cycle of violence. Fear from punishment of a crime won't stop criminals from committing crimes. These proceedings will not only promote its existence as a system but also its normality. Normality leads to acceptance and is a ticket to apathy as supposed to fear. Advocates s Advocates say that death penalty brings justice or retribution to the victims and their families. I sadly do not agree with this. I do not believe in the basic essence of the word justice in this case. Should there be such a word Death penalty ends the life of someone who took or damaged the victim's life. But does that bring back the supposed life of the victim and their families No, it does not. This does not mean justice, its retribution and more like vengeance. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth", isn't it about time to stop this kind of thinking It is barbaric and inhuman. Given that some of these convicted criminals were the author of such horrendous crimes, ending there lives I believe will not bring justice to the bereaved. A life imprisonment without parole is a more likely option with the possibility of reformation on the life of the convicted criminal. Issues on unfair application of death penalty appeals on an accused that belongs to a minority race also are abundant and apparent especially on the United States of America. Procedures on death penalty appeals in the case of the accused or the victim is influenced by his/her race or financial capabilities; that is, inadequate defence of the accused or inadequate support for the conviction of an accused in support to the victim. This also strengthens the notions of death penalty abolitionists that possible death penalty candidates may be convicted wrongly. In a more practical note, anti death penalty groups say that a session of capital execution or death penalty is expensive and costs more than to imprison the convicted criminals for as long as they live. On this note, death penalty advocates answer that death penalty costs can be minimized by limiting the appeals for death penalty. If you come to think of it, this notion will only result to more injustices. Let's just say, what I have just said was a bit indifferent to the pain of the victims and their families who are left to endure more pain. I do not disregard the fact that every victim has a story

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